Make Real Estate Real: "The Only Step-By-Step Course On How To Successfully Become A Real Estate Investor"

"The Most Valuable, Straightforward Blueprint On How To Create Generational Wealth Using Real Estate, Regardless Of Your Experience." 


We take great pride in giving our members the best experience possible. 

This is why we have closed Make Real Estate Real to all new members, so that we can give our 3,527 current members the quality support they deserve. 

It is our goal #1 goal to ensure we do everything possible to ensure that our members make their Real Estate dreams a reality.

A Word from Jemal King:

"I knew there had to be another way, and I know, you know it too. 

Man, It took me some time to figure it out but I got it, I did it.  

I created a system, a system where I buy a building for every single bill that I have. 

Now that wasn't always easy, learning as I went, making mistakes, making the wrong connections...

But I’ve got a team now, and I’ve created a step-by-step system so that you don’t have to go through the same set-backs that I did. 

The Make Real Estate Real team and I have put together a blueprint to show you exactly how to create generational wealth, buy your first investment property, create a passive income and make cash through wholesaling.

Because look, I’m telling y’all… I know what it feels like. 
I know what it means to want more for your family.

It might be something as simple as... I want to send my kids to the best school possible, or I don’t wan’t my spouse working two or three jobs. 

I know you deserve to live that type of life… and man I'm telling you, you can have it. 

This course, my team, the community. We are here to show you exactly how to do it.
Who is the Make Real Estate Real Blueprint Designed For?

We've put this course together for everyone, it's easy to understand, it's practical, we have designed the course to ensure we are here every step of the way to guide you and hold you accountable so that regardless of your experience or financial position, you can get started making your future TODAY. 

Imagine you spend the next few months setting up your future, and then start seeing your dreams come true, buying your first, second, third investment property...

You'd be able to live your life stress free (without having to worry about where the money is coming from) you'd have a consistent cash flow (giving you the freedom to live the life that makes you and your family happy.)

You could relax, knowing that your investments are increasing in value (meaning you and your family are set up for generations to come) 

Your properties will be building equity and wealth while you sleep (giving you more lending leverage to buy more properties and increase cash flow and wealth even more.)

And you know what's crazy, honestly?

You can learn all this from home, all while you're still working your 9-5 job (Without stressing yourself out, running all over town, not knowing who to speak to or where to start.)

What are you waiting on? What you feed your mind today, what action you take today will shape your future tomorrow.

Don't hesitate, even with all thats been going on in 2020, this year is looking promising for investors. 

Don't miss this unique opportunityThe Real Estate market and the housing conditions are in good shape and you can be making big money if you invest in the right locations at the right time.

Do not depend on luck to win you money in Real Estate, use our system, our knowledge and our team to get you started today.

Check out What Our Members Are Saying!
- Oluyori Bolonduro
- Dustin Rivenbark
- Eric Williams
- Aaron Broussard
"I've been so blessed by this course, this is so worth the investment, and thank you Jemal! I'm so thankful with what you have blessed our community with..."
- Roderick "Big Rod" Baker
"Everything you need for mindset, confidence, and real estate investing is packaged up and put in a bow for you! Investing in myself and my family like this has been amazing!'"
- Darrell Payne
"I knew alot of information already, but this program has given me the confidence to take the steps to get the success. Now it's time to pull the trigger "
- Jamal Kirby
The Make Real Estate Real Mission:

"Help you create generational wealth using Real Estate, and give you the type of life you deserve."

Along with the complete, step-by step Blueprint To Creating Generational Wealth Using Realestate, you have  Direct Access To Jemal and the Team

Imagine all the time you're saving... and all the money you've saved knowing that everything in this course, is everything you need to start making money in Real Estate.
There are over 12 high-performing Real Estate experts giving you exclusive investment advice. Thats over 300+ years of combined experience in one place. 

Meet Your personal investment team including Real Estate Brokers, Lenders and more!

Jemal King

Jemal King

Jemal will give you his personal investment blueprint of how to keep your 9 to 5 job and let passive income work for you. 
April Troope

April Troope

April will show you how to identify the right properties and get the right tenants for your properties.
Terri Couser

Terri Couser

Terri will show you step by step how to repair your credit and how to establish business credit.
Natasha Robinson

Natasha Robinson

Natasha will outline how to get the best interest rates on your mortgages through conventional financing options.
Mark Buford

Mark Buford

Mark will teach you different financing options to fund your investments depending on your financial position.
Aaron Quinney

Aaron Quinney

Aaron will show you how to get started in Real Estate investing when you don't have a down payment through wholesaling with a purpose.
Nathan Majors

Nathan Majors

Nathan will teach you the tools of generational wealth with life insurance and business insurance to protect your family.
Darrell Mitchell

Darrell Mitchell

Darrell will teach you different tax strategies with Real Estate investing.
Damon Stewart

Damon Stewart

Damon will show you how to protect yourself and ensure contracts and entities are done correctly from start to finish in your transactions.
Perdure Carter

Perdure Carter

Perdure will outline step by step the process for fix and flipping property to sell faster at a higher price.
Adrian Zeno

Adrian Zeno

Adrian will teach you how to setup your company the right way to protect yourself and grow your investments

The Information In This Course Will Make You A High Earning Real Estate Investor in 2021 (Even If You Have ZERO Experience)

This on-demand, step-by-step program has over 30 lessons filled with valuable, actionable steps to master any type of Real Estate investing, and if that wasn't enough, you get LIFETIME ACCESS TO THE COURSE (and all it's updates...ever)

.... and if that still wasn't enough, we're putting the 2 Day, Make Real Estate Real™ event replay in this package too. This two day event on its own is over $1,997 value, but we've put the whole thing in here for free...

Why? Because I know you can succeed, and I want to give you all the tools you need in order to get you where you want to be. 


Until Midnight, August 12th, we are giving you the LAST EVER OPPORTUNITY to join Make Real Estate Real at this price.

This a crazy huge discount, and remember, intake closes at Midnight August 12th, so you need to ACT FAST.

We can’t wait to see you on the inside, and help you create generational wealth using real estate!

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
"Your future self is begging you to show some discipline. Your future self is begging you not to be like the rest, to learn more than the rest, to work harder and smarter than the rest."
"Your future self is begging you to do the work now, so you can enjoy your life later."

- Jemal King
The LAST Course You'll Ever Need To Make Money in Real Estate

The Modules Below Are Just a Few Examples of What You'll Get When You Join Today

Step 1 - Getting You Started


In this 3 part masterclass, you will put together your financial goals and personal goals for investing in property. This will help you rise above any challenges in the journey, and help you focus on the destination.


In this masterclass, Jemal will reveal his direct strategy that ensures you cannot lose when it comes to investing in property. The numbers don't lie, and these 5 rules help you know exactly what every property should have before investing.


In this 12 part masterclass, you will learn the simple way to repair and build your personal and business credit that helps you set yourself up financially to get the right loans at the right time at the right rate.

Step 2 - Choosing Your Type Of Investment


Maybe you're just starting out in Real Estate investing, don't have great credit, and don't have any capital to make your first investment. Wholesaling is a great way to get started and get cash to be able to use for the rest of your investment portfolio.


In this masterclass, you will learn the step by step process for fix and flipping property to sell faster at a higher price. 


April will show you how to identify the right properties and get the right tenants for your properties.

Step 3 - Financing Your Investments


Mark will teach you different financing options to fund your investments including hard money lenders, private lenders, partnerships, and joint ventures.


Natasha will outline how to get the best interest rates on your mortgages through conventional financing options, as well as getting access to Veteran Loans and Federal Housing Authority (F.H.A) loans.


Adrian will reveal how to setup your business entity and what to have in your contracts when purchasing.

Step 4 - Adding Value & Managing Your Properties


April will show you how to add value to every property in renovations that are essential and will increase value and rental returns while understanding the process for managing contractors and project managers.


April will teach you how to get good quality tenants fast, and doing the right due diligence.


Nathan will teach you the tools of generational wealth with life insurance and business insurance to protect your family.

Step 5 - Protecting Your Investments


Join Jemal and Mark Buford as they discuss how to make the most from your money in this crisis period, how to purchase investment properties during the lockdown, and the financing options available.


Damon will show you how to protect yourself and ensure contracts and entities are done correctly from start to finish in your transactions.


In this 2 part masterclass, you will understand the best accounting tips for investors to ensure you pay the right tax without paying too much! You will also learn how to protect your investments long term.

"I've purchased 3 properties"

"I've purchased 3 properties because of Jemal's information and his team. This has changed my wealth position and future legacy. Plus, I've been able to buy my mom a house! Thank you!"
- Lisa Rodriguez Baylis

"purchasing property right away"

"I've got started purchasing property right away from the information Jemal shared. This course is the exact blueprint you need."
- Mark Reynolds

"ready to purchase my first property"

"I learnt so much about every are of real estate investing from the course! I have created my LLC company and getting ready to purchase my first property with the team and I just finished the course!"
- Donna Henderson
"Thank you Jemal! You have made this information life changing to me. The excellence and integrity you share with is inspiring. This course is life changing!
- Derrick Parks
"This course is an absolute game changer! It was an easy decision, even though I'm not ready to buy right now, the information has set me up!"
- Terry Dunn
"Jemal has given you everything you need to have success and change my mindset towards building wealth. Thank you to Jemal and the team!"
- Barry Parker

Ready to play monoply in real life?

I've taught over 10,000 students as a part of Make Real Estate Real, and privately coached over 1000 in the Alumni Group!

What is Alumni you ask? Alumni is for people who are in Make Real Estate Real that looking for coaching from an entire team of professionals, insider knowledge, accountability and more...

We meet up every other week and members can ask me questions as we talk about live deals. 

My personal broker brings our members profitable deals that I would personally invest in! 
We bring YOU the properties that will make YOU successful.

Watch This to Find out more!

Plus, As A Member of Alumni Association you get complete access to all Previous Sessions too!

No more intakes after this....

Don't spend the rest of your life, focusing all your time and energy on tasks that don’t bring you and your family wealth for years to come.

When you have the resources right here, within yourself and Make Real Estate Real …

To serve you wealth and happiness beyond your wildest dreams. 
I’m overdelivering because I know what it feels like. I know what it means to want more for your family, your life.

I want to you to become a six-figure, multi-home investor...
I know you deserve to live that type of life… and man I'm telling you, you can have it. 
The course, my team, the community. 
We are here to show you exactly how to do it.
But only until midnight August 12th…No more intakes after this. 

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
The 4 'Must Haves' to Grow Your Real Estate Empire FAST 
Let Jemal and the team hold you accountable to your commitment. With regular check-ins to keep you engaged with the program, provide you with you motivation and a clear direction toward achieving your Real Estate goals.  
Get exclusive access to Make Real Estate Real Approved property deals that fit both our guidelines and your goals. This is extremley valuable for those who want to save a lot of time. We do the hard work for you so you dont have to. 
Bi-Weekly Calls with Jemal, the team, and special guests. Constantly giving you the latest information, knowledge and inspiration. Purely here to get you where you need to be faster and answer al your questions. 
You want to ask Jemal a question about the properties you're interested in? You want expert advice from the team regarding any stage of the process? The seat is all yours, you have a team of experts at your fingertips. 
"The Life you will Have in five years is based on the action you take today."
Frequently Asked Questions about investing
  • Who is Make Real Estate Real for?
    Make Real Estate Real is for anyone who is looking to bring in another check into their household without taking another job. This course will outline the exact blueprint on how you can create passive income without quitting your 9 to 5 job.
  • Do I need to get a Real Estate Licence?
    Absolutely not. Your role is to become a Real Estate investor, not a licensed agent or broker. This is for the every day person to build passive income outside of your 9 to 5 job.
  • How much time will it take me to become an expert investor?
    The goal of this course is to teach you how to become a leader of a team who does the heavy lifting for you. From your Real Estate broker, project manager, property manager, to your legal team and accountant, you will learn how to spend the least amount of time without releasing all control.
  • Do I need to have good credit to start investing in Real Estate?
    No, you can get started with a credit score as low as 600, but in this course we also have our bonus module on how to build your personal and business credit score.
  • Does this course prepare me to invest in any state or country?
    Yes! The blueprint Jemal and the team teaches is relevant in any market. While every market is not ideal for investing in cashflowing property, you will understand how to identify which areas are hot, and which aren't, plus how to invest into markets you don't live in, regardless of your geographical location. And yes, if you're from outside the United States, you absolutely can invest in the US property market. We will show you how!
frequently asked questions about the course
  • What results should I expect from taking this course?
    By taking Make Real Estate Real online course you will have all the knowledge that's needed to be successful in Real Estate investing so you can live the life you've always dreamed. You will know exactly which markets to invest into, and which properties are perfect for you depending on your goals.
  • How is the course delivered?
    Make Real Estate Real Online course is delivered 100% online with video modules, pdf downloads, and practical forms and questionnaires to help you step-by-step through the investing roadmap. You also have access to a members-only Facebook networking group to share your stories with and ask questions of other investors on the journey with you. The course does not come with any other products.
  • How long do I have to complete the course?
    With the online course, you get lifetime access to the course so take a day or a month to complete it!
  • Does the course come with a support team?
    This is a self-learning course. The course comes with access to a Private Facebook Group where you will receive support from other members. Jemal’s team is also present in the group to assist as much as possible with answering questions.
  • If I sign up for the payment plan will I automatically be charged?
    Yes, if you sign up for the payment plan your payments will automatically be charged to the card used at the time of purchase.
  • How can I gain access to the Private FB Group?
    You will get an email with the private link! Or else, go to Facebook and search Make Real Estate Real, and then request to join. Please note you will not gain access if your information doesn’t match your account, or if you do not agree to the group rules. Only members of Make Real Estate Real are able to access Jemal’s team.
  • What do I do if i still have questions?
    Please reach out to our support team by emailing support@makerealestatereal.com we do not have a call center.
  • What is the refund policy?
    All purchases are non-refundable.


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