The "Make Real Estate Real" Online Course
The Blueprint To Building Generational Wealth From Jemal King
  • How To Invest In Positive Cashflowing Properties Without The Pitfalls & Risks
  • ​How To Use The Power Of Real Estate To Cover Your Dream Lifestyle
  • ​How To Get Your Time Back For Your Family
  • How To ​Create Passive Income Each Month
  • ​How To Get Your Money Working For You
Learn step-by-step from the man who built a multimillion dollar real estate empire, created 3 businesses that gross over 1 million dollars each annually, all while working 9-5 as a Chicago Police Officer! 
​Learn How YOU Can Build GENERATIONAL WEALTH The Right Way!
Learn The Frameworks That Create INSTANT Cashflow While Investing!
Learn How To Build Your Portfolio Now Regardless of Your Current Position!
You'll not only get teaching from Jemal, but his entire team of experts! They will walk you step-by-step through each part of the process and make the process simple!
Jemal King
The Blueprint
Jemal will give you his personal investment blueprint of how to keep your 9 to 5 job and let passive income work for you. 
April Troope
April will show you how to identify the right properties and get the right tenants for your properties.
Damon Stewart
Real Estate Law
Damon will show you how to protect yourself and ensure contracts and entities are done correctly from start to finish in your transactions.
Nathan Majors
Nathan will teach you the tools of generational wealth with life insurance and business insurance to protect your family.
Mark Buford
Finance & Hard Money Loans
Mark will teach you different financing options to fund your investments depending on your financial position.
Darrell Mitchell
Tax & Accounting
Darrell will teach you different tax strategies with Real Estate investing.
Aaron Quinney
Aaron will show you how to get started in real estate investing when you don't have a down payment through wholesaling with a purpose.
Terri Couser
Credit Repair
Terri will show you step by step how to repair your credit and how to establish business credit.
Natasha Robinson
Natasha will outline how to get the best interest rates on your mortgages through conventional financing options.
Perdure Carter
Fix & Flip
Perdure will outline step by step the process for fix and flipping property to sell faster at a higher price.
Jemal has put this course together for everyone in an easy to understand, and very practical way so that regardless of your experience or financial position, you can get started making real estate real today!
* 7 Hours Of Easy To Learn Video Module Lessons
* Worksheets, Cheatsheets & Case Studies
* Member Only Facebook Group For Networking
* Direct Access To Jemal's Team
The Mindset
The Purpose
The Process
"The Mindset"
Included Modules:
* Determining Your Why 
* The Cost of the Current You
* The Cost of the Future You
"The Purpose"
Included Modules:
* Choosing A Purpose For Each Property
* Jemal’s 5 Rules
* Buying With A Purpose
* Flipping With A Purpose
* Wholesaling With A Purpose
"The Process"
Included Modules:
* Assembling Your Team
* Your Realtor / Broker
* Closing The Deal
* The Real Estate Contract
* Funding Your Projects
* Loans: Hard Money
* Loans: Federal Housing Authority (F.H.A)
* Loans: Private Loans
* Loans: Veterans Affairs Loans
* A Deeper Look At Traditional Financing
* Your Attorney
* The Settlement Statement
* The Title Document
* The Renovation: Step-by-Step
* The Project Manager
* The Contractor
* The Scope Of Work
* The Property Manager
* Property Management Tips
* Chicago Residential Lease Example
* Putting It All Together
* The Inside: Fix & Flip Properties
* The Inside: Buy & Hold
* Legacy Building

Investors Framework
Buy Rehab Rent Refi Repeat

Learn how to get started investing the right way, and learn what you need and how to get started regardless of your financial position

Refinancing & Repeat 

How to get

Wholesaling Masterclass

Learn How To Purchase Properties At Wholesale Rates And Beat Others To The Market.

Cheat Sheet & Workbook

Get access to Jemal's cheat sheet that he uses to determine whether or not he should or shouldn’t purchase a property!

Fix & Flip Strategies

 How To Choose The Right Home And Know What To Do To Maximize Your Returns Without Under Or Overdoing It

Buy & Hold Blueprint

Know The Formula For Properties That Are Right For Purchasing And Keeping For Long Term Capital Gains

Property Walk Throughs

Walk Through Of Jemal's Properties And Practical Breakdown of what’s been done to each property to add value, including all the numbers of purchase price, renovation costs, after repair valuations, and monthly net cashflow

BONUS #1: Direct Access To Jemal's Team

1. It's one thing to learn the blueprint; it's another thing to implement that blueprint yourself and start purchasing properties. Therefore as part of the Make Real Estate Real program, you will gain direct access to all of the coaches and experts to utilize their advice and potentially choose them to join your team to make the process simple and easy for you.

BONUS #2: Exclusive PRIVATE Networking Community

Gain access to our private members-only Facebook group when you join! Share your journey with others, be held accountable to your goals, and ask for advice from our coaches whenever you need it! When you join, you will get lifetime access to this community!

BONUS #1: Understanding & Leveraging Credit

In this 12 part masterclass, you will learn the simple way to repair and build your personal and business credit that helps you set yourself up financially to get the right loans at the right time at the right rate.

BONUS #2: Protecting Your Assets

In this 2 part masterclass, you will understand the best accounting tips for investors to ensure you pay the right tax without paying too much! You will also learn how to protect your investments long term.
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Who is Make Real Estate Real for?
Make Real Estate Real is for anyone who is looking to bring in another check into their household without taking another job. This course will outline the exact blueprint on how you can create passive income without quitting your 9 to 5 job.
Do I need to get a real estate licence?
Absolutely not. Your role is to become a real estate investor, not a licensed agent or broker. This is for the every day person to build passive income outside of your 9 to 5 job.
How much time will it take me to become an expert investor?
The goal of this course is to teach you how to become a leader of a team who does the heavy lifting for you. From your real estate broker, project manager, property manager, to your legal team and accountant, you will learn how to spend the least amount of time without releasing all control.
How much money do I need to start investing?
Jemal and the team will teach you how to start your generational wealth blueprint regardless of your current financial position. Through wholesaling with no money down, to fix and flip strategies and buy and hold investing with as little as $3,000 down.
Do I need to have good credit to start investing in Real Estate?
No, you can get started with a credit score as low as 600, but in this course we also have our bonus module on how to build your personal and business credit score.
What Is The Difference Between The Online Course & The Events?
The course material and live events are exactly the same content, giving you the choice to either get started now with the online course with lifetime access, or physically come to one of the events, meet Jemal and the team, and walk through the properties.
Many of our members actually choose to do both and join the online course and the event. This is completely up to you of course.
What Is The Difference Between The Online Course & The Events?
The course material and live events are exactly the same content
What results should I expect from taking this course?
By taking Make Real Estate Real online course you will have all the knowledge that's needed to be successful in real estate investing so you can live the life you've always dreamed. You will know exactly which markets to invest into, and which properties are perfect for you depending on your goals.
How long do I have to complete the course?
With the online course, you get lifetime access to the course so take a day or a month to complete it!
How is the course delivered?
Make Real Estate Real Online course is delivered 100% online with video modules, pdf downloads, and practical forms and questionnaires to help you step-by-step through the investing roadmap. You also have access to a members-only Facebook networking group to share your stories with and ask questions of other investors on the journey with you.
Does this course prepare me to invest in any state or country?
Yes! The blueprint Jemal and the team teaches is relevant in any market. While every market is not ideal for investing in cashflowing property, you will understand how to identify which areas are hot, and which aren't, plus how to invest into markets you don't live in, regardless of your geographical location. And yes, if you're from outside the United States, you absolutely can invest in the US property market. We will show you how!
Does this include a ticket to the Make Real Estate Real live events?
No, these are an optional upgrade. At Make Real Estate Real, we have regular live workshop events in Chicago and other cities around the USA where you can meet Jemal and the team, and walk investment properties in every stage of development. You receive the total content whether you go the live event or do the online course.
What do I do if i still have questions?
Please reach out to our support team by emailing
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